P5mm SMD HD LED Display

P5mm SMD HD LED Display

P5mm UHD Small Pixel Pitch Outdoor LED Display 5mm pixel pitch, 40000 pixels per square meter; 5mm pixel pitch LED Display have 2 basic versions: 32×32 pixels module resolution, 160mm×160mm module size; available cabinet size: 480×480mm die-casting cabinet or other customized size aluminum or...

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P5mm UHD Small Pixel Pitch Outdoor LED Display

5mm pixel pitch, 40000 pixels per square meter;

5mm pixel pitch LED Display have 2 basic versions:

32×32 pixels module resolution, 160mm×160mm module size; available cabinet size: 480×480mm die-casting cabinet or other customized size aluminum or iron cabinet

64×32 pixels module resolution, 320×160mm module size; available cabinet size: 640×640mm, 960×960mm die-casting cabinet or other customized size aluminum or iron cabinet

P5mm outdoor 960×960mm size die-casting cabinet is waterproof both front and backside; P5mm outdoor 480×480mm and 640×640mm size die-casting cabinet is waterproof front side only, the backside is not waterproof.

5mm LED Display is one of the highest resolution outdoor HD LED display models with unequalled high brightness, high gray grade, high fresh frequency, high contrast ratio, high waterproof and dustproof grade-IP65; most cost effective and multi-functional use LED display which is fit for both for outdoor, indoor, rental, mobile and fixed applications; Super slim and lightweight die-casting aluminum cabinet.


Pixel    Pitch(Unit:mm)



Pixel    configuration/LED lamp's encapsulation type



Scanning    method



Pixel    density(Unit:pixels/㎡)



Module Total    Resolution(L×H)(unit: pixel)



Module Total    Dimension(L×H)(unit: mm)



Module Total    Dimension(Unit:㎡)



Cabinet Total    Dimension(L×H)(unit: mm)



Cabinet Total    Dimension(Unit:㎡)



Cabinet Total    Resolution(L×H)(unit: pixel)



Color    Processing Level(unit:bit)



Fresh    frequency(hz)






Module    Weight(unit:KG/module)



Module Maximum    Power Consumption(unit:W/module)



Module Maximum    Current(unit:A/module)



Cabinet    Weight(unit:KG/Cabinet )



P5 outdoor LED display (2).jpg

P5 outdoor LED display (4).jpg

P5 outdoor LED display (3).jpg

P5 outdoor LED display (1).jpg



Experience the difference via ultra wide viewing angle

160 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle: always the most natural and clear image no matter seeing from which direction





Energy saving:

50% energy saving with very low power consumption, low electricity fee, low heat generation, much longer lifetime, long lifetime high brightness and low failure pixels;

Wide application and short ROI:

High resolution, high brightness, energy saving advantages make it fit for various wide application, like: outdoor and indoor advertising, rental and events, staging and decoration, mobile truck vehicle advertising, poster advertising, government and commercial advertising; Sports Stadium live broadcasting and perimeter banner advertising for Football Stadium, Basketball Stadium, Baseball and Softball Stadium, Hockey Stadium, Aquatics and Natatorium Stadium; digital scoreboards, billboards and video displays, Message Displays, Audio Systems,etc.

High Contrast, High Frequency and high Color Capacity:

5000: 1 Contrast Ratio- a very high level to ensure a vivid image of our LED displays system. 3840HZ High Frequency- a very high level to ensure a non-flicking video rebroadcasting. 16 bit, 281 trillion color Capacity-a very high gray grade to create a vivid live video effect.

First-class LED chip:

Supplied by Next-generation Nichia LED from Japan, CREE LED from USA, Nationstar LED from China best LED Stock Listed Company to ensure high brightness, uniform colors and the long lifetime our LED display system.

Sun-Cutting Long-term high Calibrated Brightness and Brightness:

6000 nits brightness capacity throughout product lifetime of the LED display, creating the only true daylight viewable solution,ensuring Clear vivid image quality even in direct, full-on sunlight to ensure you attracts more audience to get short ROI of your LED display's investment.

Easy Installation, operation and servicing:

Easy and simple installation interface and user friendly software to ensure the user friendly interface of the LED display system.

Convenient maintenance:

Front and rear cabinet access make the maintain work very convenient and low cost to help you concentrate more time and energy on your main marketing promotion business.

24/7/365 Display Health:

Optional display monitoring increases display uptime and offers an immediate response should an error occur.


1.  Concept or define of LED lamps: LED is short for 3 words: Light Emitting Diode

According to the LED chip's encapsulation type, LED lamps have several different types, like:

SMD(Surface Mountinging Device), DIP(Dual In Line package),Dot matrix, etc.

Generally speacking the LED lamps come in two basic forms:SMD and DIP.

SMD LED display is more and more popular since the Advantages of perfect: color blending capability, no color shift at extreme angles, much wider viewing angle comparing to DIP. More important reason why SMD is more popular is the resolution of SMD LED display is much higher than DIP LED display. For example, the smallest pixel for DIP LED display is 10mm. However, the smallest pixel pitch for SMD LED display is 3.2mm which means 9 times resolution higher than DIP LED displays. Furthermore, the SMD LED display is more energy saving and cost is also lower than DIP LED display

Acoording to the SMD LED's encapsulation size, SMD LED can be classified to several models, like: 0606 SMD,0808 SMD,0909 SMD,1010 SMD,1515 SMD, 2020 SMD,2121 SMD,3528 SMD,1921 SMD,2525 SMD,2727 SMD,3535 SMD,5050 SMD etc

SMD 1921, 2525, 2727, 3535, 5050 is used for outdoor waterproof models, others is used for indoor non-waterproof models.

Acoording to the SMD LED's encapsulation color:, SMD LED can be classified to Black LED lamps and white LEDs.

SMD Black LED lamps:


SMD white LED lamps:


Black SMD is 50% lower brightness, but can be viewed more clearly under the sunshine because the contrast ratio is higher, gray grade is higher as you can see from the below 2 SMD white LED display and SMD Black LED display's actual comparison under the sunshine condition.  Below picture to show: left is white SMD LED display, right is total black SMD LED display:



Each SMD LED lamp contains red, green and blue LED chip, meanwhile each DIP LED lamps only contains one color LED chip of either red color LED chip, green color LED chip or blue color LED chip.

Dual In Line LED lamps


Dual In Line LED lamps use a reflector cup and an epoxy lens package with dual legs, that is why it's called DIP. This combination as well as the type of chip used, plays a role in determining the elliptical viewing angle produced. A Dual In Line LED's reflector cup focuses the light emitted by the chip into a specific viewing area.

DIP LED display is very popular before the year of 2015, 90% of outdoor full color LED video display were made of DIP LED lamps. However, SMD LED display taking place of the DIP LED lamps rapidly after the year of 2016. Nowadays, 95% of the full color LED display is made of SMD LED lamps.

2.Concept or define of LED pixel: Pixel is short for picture elements, are points of light that illuminate to form letters, words, graphics, animations and video images. One pixel can be made up of a single LED lamp, multiple LED lamps of the same color or multiple LED lamps of different colors. They are the smallest elements of the electronic display system that can be individually controlled and turned off or on at various brightness levels. Pixel is also called dot, is also the most basic and smallest unit of resolution. For example, when we say HD, UHD resolution: normally refers to how many pixels or dots in length and how many pixels or dots in height. HD means the resolution should be 1920 pixels in length, 1080 pixels in height. UHD means the resolution should be 3840 pixels in length, 2160 pixels in height, or even 7680 pixels in length, 4320 pixels in height. LED pixel is also the basic and smallest unit of LED module since each module is composed by a certain amount of LED pixels.

3. Concept or define of Fresh frequency?

The Fresh frequency of a LED display is the number of times in a second that the LED display hardware draws the data. This is distinct from the measure of frame rate in that the Fresh frequency for LED Display includes the repeated drawing of identical frames, while frame rate measures how often a video source can feed an entire frame of new data to a display.

For example, most movie projectors advance from one frame to the next one 24 times each second. But each frame is illuminated two or three times before the next frame is projected using a shutter in front of its lamp. As a result, the movie projector runs at 24 frames per second, but has a 48 or 72 Hz Fresh frequency.

Increase Fresh frequency for decreasing LED Display flickering

On LED Display , increasing the Fresh frequency decreases flickering, thereby reducing eye strain. However, if a Fresh frequency is specified that is beyond what is recommended for the LED display, damage to the display can occur.

Normally our LED Display of ERALED LED Display have a Fresh frequency of over 300Hz, which is more than 5 times the Fresh frequency of a normal cathode television which is 50Hz (PAL and SECAM) or 60Hz (NTSC). For football stadiums (stadium LED Display and perimeter LED Display ) our LED display can reach a Fresh frequency of over 800Hz, which means that they won′t show any flickering when recorded with a video camera and broadcasted live on television.

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