I7B Receiver

i7B Receiver

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Product overview

i7B is for LED color screen and die-casting aluminum box screen and a series of increasingly sophisticated and lightweight display products introduced products, inherited the i7A series receiver card all the technical advantages and features, using a new generation of image processing kernel, in the Display a great improvement; the use of a new generation of system architecture, with more intelligent features, and the system more stable. In this context, the size and interface settings for the most suitable for LED color screen and die-cast aluminum box screen specifications. The

At the same time, i7B with Carlet Te unique dual standby backup technology to support a box with two receiving cards, each other backup, the key moment more reliable. Features

• Tiny size: 68*36mm, DDR2 SODIMM interface, easy for maintenance

• Support 32 groups of RGB signal output

• Loading capacity: 256*256 pixels

• Low latency

• Supports Auto-Calibration

• Seam compensation

• Support 3D display

• Improved grayscale performance at low brightness

• Smart panel marking good for maintenance

• Auto-recognizes sequence of connected receiver cards

• High-precision point-by-point calibration in the Brightness and the chromaticity

• Supports smart module to save calibration coefficients and other information on module

• Temperature, humidity, power supply voltage monitoring on cabinet and fan rotating control

• Cable Detection

• LED error detection

• Supports receiver card backup and power supply backup

• Various freeform display designs like spherical display, creative display, etc.


Control system parameters

Sending device

All of Colorlight's    sending devices


Full-color: 256*256 Pixels

Cascade Control Area of the Largest    Region

65536*65536 Pixels

Network Port Exchange

Supported, arbitrary use

Gray Level

Maximum 65536 Levels

Display module compatibility

Chip Supports

Supports conventional chips, PWM    chips, lighting chips and other mainstream chips.

Scan Mode

Two scanning methods to support refresh    rate multiplier

Scan Type

Supports static sweep to 1/32 scan

Module Specifications Support

Supports 4096 pixels within any row,    any column

Cable Direction

Supports route from left to right,    from right to left, from top to bottom, from bottom to top.

Data Sets

32 RGB data sets

Data Folded

Supports 1~8 any discount to improve    refresh rate.

Data Exchange

32 sets of data any exchange

Module Snapshot

Supports any pumping point

Compatible device and interface type

Communication Distance

UTP cable≤140M
 CAT6    cable≤170M
 OPTIC    FIBER transmission distance unrestricted

Compatible with Transmission Equipment

Gigabit switch, fiber transceiver,    optical switches.



Input Voltage

DC 3.3V~6V

Rated Current


Rated Power


Storage and Transport Temperature


Operating Temperature


Body Static Resistance




Monitoring    function (in conjunction with multi-function card)

Temperature Monitoring

Cabinet temperature    monitoring between -25℃ ~ 75℃
 1 port for each card

Humidity Monitoring

One port to monitor    receiver card humidity range with 20% ~ 95%
 1 port for each card

Bit Error Monitoring

Monitoring the total    number of data packets and error rate to check network quality

Supply Voltage Monitoring

5 ports for supply    voltage monitoring

Smoke Monitoring

One port for smoke    monitoring and can work with relay to activate an alarm and turn off the    display screen
 1 port for each card

Full Color LCD Display Panel

Supports full color LCD display panel

Pixel level calibration

Brightness Calibration


Chromaticity Calibration


Other features

Hot Backup

Supports loop backup,    double sender backup, double receiver card backup, double supply power    backup, etc. many kinds type of hot backup

Shaped Screen

Supports various freeform display, spherical    display, creative display, etc. through the    date arbitrary offset

Program Backup

Proprietary redundant    firmware backup on card no matter how to use, upgrade, send parameters, continuous    functionality

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