P5mm SMD HD LED Display

P5mm UHD Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display Experience the difference via ultra wide viewing angle 160 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle: always the most natural and clear image no matter seeing from which direction FAQ Color Depth (Gray Scale) of LED Display The LED Display color...

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P5mm UHD Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display

Pixel Pitch(Unit:mm)


Pixel configuration/LED lamp's encapsulation type


Scanning method


Pixel density(Unit:pixels/㎡)


Module Total Resolution(L×H)(unit: pixel)


Module Total Dimension(L×H)(unit: mm)


Module Total Dimension(Unit:㎡)


Cabinet Total Dimension(L×H)(unit: mm)


Cabinet Total Dimension(Unit:㎡)


Cabinet Total Resolution(L×H)(unit: pixel)


Color Processing Level(unit:bit)


Fresh frequency(hz)




Module Weight(unit:KG/module)


Module Maximum Power Consumption(unit:W/module)


Module Maximum Current(unit:A/module)


Cabinet Weight(unit:KG/Cabinet )




Super light: 40% lighter than conventional aluminum cabinet

Super slim: high-strength,more slim than conventional aluminum cabinet in the design,thiner around 30%

Fast cooling: excellent heat dissipation performance to protect the module circuit 

Anti-interference: Special anti electromagnetic interference function

High-strength: tensile test to reach 300KG,more strength than conventional aluminum cabinet

Easy installation: Special fast lock,only need 20 second to complet the installation of one cabinet

High precision: seamless splicing after CNC processing

High universality: Can be installed arbitrary hole machining, indoor and outdoor

Easy maintenance: front accesible maintenance

High cost-effective: complete production and supply chain



Innovative handle

Handle is innovative, grip and wide for easy handling.   

Support for both front and rear maintenance.

Uniform color and high contrast ensure clear and sharp picture.

High precision die-casting aluminum panel achieves high flatness and seamless matching of the whole display.

Fan-less design with good dissipation guarantees noise-free effect.

Light and slim panel is easy to handle and transport.

High stability and reliability prolong the lifespan of LED display..






Experience the difference via ultra wide viewing angle

160 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle: always the most natural and clear image no matter seeing from which direction 





Color Depth (Gray Scale) of LED Display

The LED Display color depth, or gray scale, indicates the process depth of the colors showed by a LED Display . When looking at the technical specifications of a LED Display given by LED Display suppliers you can always find values like "12-bit, 14-bit, 16-bit". Many clients and even sales executives don't know what this value means. For that this article will explain what the color depth, or gray scale, means.

1-bit color (21 = 2 colors): often black and white

2-bit color (22 = 4 colors)

3-bit color (23 = 8 colors)

4-bit color (24 = 16 colors)

5-bit color (25 = 32 colors)

6-bit color (26 = 64 colors)

8-bit color (28 = 256 colors)

12-bit color (212 = 4096 colors)

14-bit color (214 = 16384 colors)

16-bit color (216 = 65536 colors)

So from above table, it's not difficult to find the color depth actually shows how many colors can be shown on the LED Display .

As well-known, LED Display is RGB color model, and each pixel consists of red, green, and blue color LEDs. And here we will explain further about it in below table:

12-bit: there are 4 bits (16 possible levels) for each of the RG,B LEDs. So it would show totally 16x16x16=4096 kinds colors.

14-bit: In 14-bit process depth, there's a little difference from 12-bit. For the reason that human eyes are not so sensitive to blue, than red or green. So it is assigned one bit less than the others. So for red and green, there are 32 possible levels, and for blue, there's 16 possible levels. So totally it can show 32x32x16=16384 colors.

16-bit: It is very similar with above. But this time it's due to the green color are most sensitive to human eyes. So it's assigned one bit more than the others. So for red and blue, there're 32 possible levels. And for green, there are 64 possible levels. So it can show totally 32x32x64=65536 colors.

Within the LED Display industry many LED display suppliers do not pay that much attention wen making the LED Display s' technical specifications accurate. And the technology homogenization is currently very serious. The true situation is, for the widely-adopted technology, the highest color depth is actually 14 bits. It is not arbitrarily speaking because it's limited by the hardware part.

If adopting higher level IC and system, it wont be any problem to realize the 16-bit color depth or gray scales. But with nowadays tech, it must lose the virtual pixel technology. And actually the 14-bit color depth or gray scale doesnt make any big difference from 16-bit color depth for the human eye.

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