P2.5mm Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

P2.5mm UHD Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display Pixel Pitch: 2.5 mm Pixel Configuration: SMD1010 Pixel Density: 160000 Pixels/ m2 Module Resolution: 64Pixels × 64 Pixels Module Size: 160 mm×160mm Module Weight: 0.26KG Module Maximum Power Consumption: 20W Module Maximum Current: 4A Brightness:...

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P2.5mm Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

P2.5mm UHD Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display

Pixel Pitch: 2.5 mm

Pixel Configuration: SMD1010

Pixel Density: 160000 Pixels/ m2

Module Resolution: 64Pixels × 64 Pixels

Module Size: 160 mm×160mm

Module Weight: 0.26KG

Module Maximum Power Consumption: 20W

Module Maximum Current: 4A

Brightness: 1000 adjustable

Refresh Rate: >=4800 Hz

Contrast Ratio: 5000:1

Color Processing Level: 16 Bit

Cabinet Dimension: 480×480×65 mm

Cabinet Weight: 8.5KG


Front & Rear Maintenance

It makes you remove the modules without any tools and maintain the screen in front side as well as rear side easily.


Convenient for both

hanging and Stacking installation

Special structural design that helps you to install the screenon ground or hanging without any tools.

Fast assembling & disassembling

No tools are required for installation of screen.

Support for gap minitrim

The low-cost connecting mechanism could eliminate dark or bright lines between panels effectively and cause no worry of assembly efficiency for the engineers any more.












P2.5mm Small Pixel Pitch LED screen


Small pixel pitch LED Display is also called Fine pixel pitch LED display, narrow pixel pitch LED display which is a fast developing market and popular now since the advantages of seamless, higher contrast, higher brightness, higher gray grade etc. fine pitch LED display,

Small pixel pitch LED Display has elevated the industry standard for image and video quality. Small pixel pitch LED Display provide new opportunities for content previously restricted to LCD video wall. The smaller and tighter pixel spacing create a more detailed and crisp appearance, making these products ideal if you want to add an element of luxury and high quality to your location. Small pixel pitch LED Display deliver true-to-source color reproductions and pristine image quality with smaller available physical space at a closer viewing distance.

Even a relatively small size Small pixel pitch LED Display can have an extremely high resolution. Small pixel pitch LED Display produce more heat than traditional pixel pitches because more LEDs are concentrated together in the product design. Small pixel pitch LED Display's performance depends on managing this heat to keep color reproduction and brightness at peak performance. Our Small pixel pitch LED Display effortlessly manage heat, with half of the power consumption of an industry standard solution and cool operation even at full brightness.

Small pixel pitch LED display mainly refers to the models which the pixel pitch <= 2.5mm, such as P2.5mm, P2.0mm, P1.923mm, P1.875mm, P1.667mm, P1.562mm, P1.25mm, P1.2mm, P1.0mm, P0.88mm, P0.75mm etc. Small pixel pitch LED display need high precision SMT machine to produce since common SMT machine can just produce the pixel pitch which is bigger than 2.5mm.  Our factory have the industry's highest precision super high-speed SMT machine from Japan Yamaha which is equipped for small pixel pitch LED display production. Small pixel pitch LED display market is increasing more than 70% in the last 2 years and is still increasing much faster than the conventional products.


1、Pixels,Pixel diameter,Pixel pitch

1.1 Pixels

Minimum luminous LED Display unit, the same with ordinary computer monitor . LED Display of each light emitting unit may be individually controlled called pixels.

1.2 Pixel diameter

∮ means each pixel diameter led light pixel diameter, in millimeters

1.3 Pixel pitch

Center two-pixel distance between the LED Display is called pixel pitch, also known as the dot pitch. More dense spacing within the higher pixel density per unit area, the resolution is also high, the cost is high. Pixel diameter is smaller, the smaller the dot pitch.

2、Resolution Ratio

2.1 Module resolution

LED Modules horizontal pixels multiplied by the vertical pixels

2.3 LED Display mode

It is composed by several pixels, structure independent,it can composed the smallest unit of the LED display. , such as 32*16, 32*32, 64*32 led modules etc.


In a given direction, the luminous intensity per unit area on. Brightness of the unit is cd/sqm

The brightness of LED depends on the material of led lamps, encapsulation mode and sizes. The bigger of led chip

The higher the brightness, other wise,the lower the brightness

4、Grey level

LED Display in the same level of brightness from the darkest to the brightest to the difference between the brightness of the series.Used to show a video screen display, each color should be gray processing capacity of 256 (8 bit)

Gray level depends on the video source and control system, dealing with figures.At present domestic LED Display mainly adopts eight processing system, namely 256 (28) grey level.Simple understanding is a total of 256 from black to white brightness changes.Use RGB trichromatic can constitute a 256 x 256 x 256 = 16777216 colors.Known as the 16 million colors.

5、Contrast ratio

Under the certain environment illumination, LED Display the ratio of maximum brightness and background brightness

Contrast ratio=luminance/non-luminance (reflect bright)

In order to be able to show the brightness uniformity of words and images, is not affected by ambient light, screen should have enough contrast.For LED Display , contrast to 4096: more than 1 effect is good.

6、White Balance

White LED Display can be made from a mix of RGB tricolor in proportion. The ratio for R:G:B=3:6:1

Color Coordinate---CIE chromaticity diagram

7.Pixel un control rate

Refers to the minimum imaging display unit (pixels) work is not normal (control) the proportion of

There are two patterns for un-control rate.

a)blind spot: when need it bright, it dark , called blind spot

b)Bright spot,When need it to be dark, then it always bright. Call bright spot

8.Generally, pixels have 2 r1g1b (two red, one green and one blue light), 1 r1g1b, 2 r1g, etc., and out of control does not generally is red, green, and blue light in the same pixel all out of control at the same time, but as long as one lamp is out of control, we think this pixel is out of control.

In accordance with the regulations of the industry standard SJ/T11141-2003, indoor screen pixel rate should be not more than three over ten thousand out of control, and outdoor screen pixels is out of control rate should be not more than two over one thousand, and the discrete distribution.

9 refresh frame frequency

The number of unit time display screen information update;General is 25 hz, 30 hz, 50 hz, 60 hz, etc., in the frame frequency is higher, change the image of the continuity, the better

10.1 static screen and scanning screen

When display text, images, video, LED Display lights on the spot when the display is light shining at the same time;

10.2 Scanning screen

Use of persistence of vision characteristic of human eyes, in a very short period of time will LED Display all light respectively

At present, scanning screen is commonly a quarter flicking and flicking, 1/16, 1/8, 1/8.Also for adaptation of different resolution, and the setting of other scanning;

Scanning screen and static screen at the request of the display brightness is different, in the same light tube with the same brightness, static screen is higher than scanning the brightness of the screen, so the static screen commonly used outdoors, and scanning screen commonly used indoors

11、 Best viewing distance, minimum distance

11.1 Best viewing distance

Can see on the display content, just completely and not flat color, image content is the most clear position relative to the screen body vertical distance

11.2 Minimum distance

For a certain shape, brightness, distance of two points of light, unable to determine the position of the two points to the minimum vertical distance of two points

The influencing factors of minimum stadia and minimum perspective:The shape of the light spot, Brightness, distance

Best viewing distance =pixel pitch /(0.3-0.8)。unit:m

e.g.:P4(φ3)the best viewing distance:5--13.3m;

If the distance is too close, will be able to discern the display pixels, the particles are stronger, if you stand too far, the characteristics of human eyes do not know the difference between details.

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